Debra and Sheri
Hi Debra and Sheri,

Just wanted to let you know that Nicolas and I got home safely. Thank you for seeing me today I greatly appreciate it and was very humbled by the whole experience. I am in complete aww still trying to process everything that happened. Love you both.

Hey it's Nicolas, I thought I'd let you know how my experience went. It was pretty remarkable. Although I was never the one directly receiving the healing, I still felt very much apart of it. Right from the start I felt relaxed. As I entered the room I felt a sense of peace. When my mother went into the room to begin her session I stayed behind in the other room. Something came over me. As I was laying down with my eyes closed I could see in my mind a beaming white light. It was captivating. I could only focus on the light. I couldn't think of anything else nor could I move. The white light never stayed in one spot. I could feel it circling around me. This white light brought warmth like I've never felt before and a further sense of peace. I certainly felt a presence. Thank you once again Debra and Sheri. Love you both!