Debra and Sheri
Debra and Sheri,

Hello.  It's Maria, Alex's mom.  I just wanted to thank you for helping Alex.  The ride back to California was somber.  The following day, Alex had a heart to heart with me.  Now  I am enjoying normal conversations with  him; conversations we used to have before this all began.  My husband and I wanted to thank you, again.  The family can now move forward in light and love.  I plan on making an appointment for myself in the future.  I highly endorse your wonderful services.  Below  is what Alex felt prior, during and after the session.  Maria sent email one month after her son’s healing session.



 Before healing:

• very distant

• very angry

• very lost

• countless incarcerations

• no empathy

• in and out of psych ward

• very little communication

• dead look in the eyes

• crying and weeping

• schizophrenic

During session, he

• showed vulnerability

• was exposed and allowed it

• didn't try to run away

After healing, he began to:

• speak about how he felt

• smile again

• show signs of empathy

• laugh joyously

• exhibit hopeful attitude

• show harmonious habits

• greet loved ones

• be silly

This healing was what Alex and his family needed.  We are back on track to recovery and healing after many years of pain and disappointment.  My husband and I highly recommend these ladies to all.  We plan on having a group healing soon.  It feels so good to know there are these kind of services available.