Soul to Soul

By Debra Martin


Direct Connect to God

By Debra Martin & Sheri Getten


Believe Beyond Seeing

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Me and My Angels

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Join Together to Heal Teen Bullying

This an actual healing session from a teen in CA that had been bullied. Please have your teen light a candle and listen to these profound words spoken from God as if it was their own private healing session. These words carry a frequency and healing vibration. They can help heal anyone that is experiencing bullying. When One is healed we are all healed.

We give thanks to Jennifer for allowing us to use her actual healing session. Jennifer’s intention is to help others that are being bullied.


Connect to the Frequency of God’s Love

This meditation gives you a Direct connect to God. Take the time to light your candle and receive God’s love and embrace during this meditation. You are not alone, you can walk through anything. Nothing else matters, but this Love…God’s Love. It fulfills you and gives you strength. Connect with God everyday and you will feel the grace of his Love.

Meditation is 20 minutes and 28 seconds long


We encourage you to take the time to light your candle within and have your own “Direct Connect to God”. We were given a vision from God to create a candle that would go hand in hand with our book. Through God we have designed and blessed each one of these candles. These candles will be available to purchase soon.