noname-1Sheri and Debra want to share their knowledge they have learned through their 19 year spiritual journey together. Through their life trials and spiritual guidance they were given a higher awareness of consciousness and many teachings, including a profound new technique that they use in their healing sessions. Sheri uses her abilities as a healer to initiate the energy at the beginning of the session. She sends energy and powerful frequencies through her hands to allow for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. These highly palpable frequencies continue working with you long after your session has ended. Debra uses her abilities as a Medium to see and hear from God what is taking place during each session. She can actually see and hear what is taking place inside and outside the body during the healing session and what needs to be healed. While Sheri is sending the energy to the different parts of the body, Debra is feeling what is taking place in the exact same areas that are being worked on. When she feels in her body what is happening, it makes what is taking place undeniable. Together, through God, they are able to get to the root of what is causing the unbalance in the body and then release it. God sends his doctors and surgeons from the Other Side to perform these spiritual surgeries, using Debra and Sheri as his instruments.

During one of their recent meditations they heard the words:

“The time is NOW. Open the door. The people will come. This knowledge you will share. The healings you will perform.”

Debra and Sheri welcome you to this sacred space they have created in Scottsdale, where you will feel the embrace of pure love during every healing. Not one session is the same, but all are unique and profound. Debra and Sheri step aside and allow God to work through them as his instruments. With God all things are possible!

Come receive the healing that is waiting for you.

True Miracle— “I am a retired professor of Public Health in the department of Health Administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and I began a treatment regimen of chemotherapy which had damaging effects on my body. After a spinal tap they discovered that I tested positive for lymphoma. We decided to schedule a healing session with Sheri and Debra. After an amazing experience in that session, I returned to receive another test. No signs of the lymphoma was found in that test. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. I am truly grateful to Sheri and Debra for the wonderful work they are doing. I feel I have a second chance!” — James Veney, Ph.D.

Private healing sessions (in person or distant):

When Debra and Sheri step into the  healing room, their intention is always for Miracles. They pray prior to every session and ask God to work through them as his instruments. They surrender all outcomes to God as it is not up to them what each person needs. God is in control and knows what each individual person needs at that moment. They open up their hearts, minds, and souls to give each person what is needed in that moment. This could be physical healing, emotional healing, strength, courage, balance, or to feel the presence of God. They do not know what is happening in each person’s life, but God does know. They trust that what comes through during the session is exactly what each person needs at that moment. There is nothing specific you have to do prior to a healing session. They just ask that  you set aside  your expectations and be open to receiving the healing that was meant for you. Not one healing session is the same, but all are profound. Debra and Sheri do not need for you to share any details prior to your healing session. Read the difference below of an in person vs. distant healing session.

In Person:

In a private healing session you will come to the healing center. Your healing session will last approximately 30-45 minutes. Debra will lie directly under the healing table and become one with the person receiving the healing. She will voice what she is feeling, hearing, and seeing during the entire session. If a spiritual surgery takes place, she will describe in detail how many surgeons and in what area on the body they (spiritual surgeons) are working. Often times loved ones that have crossed over will also be present during a healing session and she will share if the loved one has a message or if they are just present to show their love and support during a healing session. Simultaneously, while Debra is describing what is taking place, Sheri will be sending healing energy to the body through her hands. She feels the higher and lower frequencies and is guided where to go on the body, placing the energy in the body where it is needed and taking out what no longer serves the body. The entire session is audio taped and an MP3 of the session will be emailed to you.

Distant Healing session:

You will email us your picture for your distant healing session. This session is not done over the phone. You will be receiving the healing at the same exact time the healing session is taking place in Arizona. This healing energy carries a frequency and vibration that travels instantly. Your job is to relax in your own sacred space and receive the healing energy and love from God through Debra and Sheri. Debra places your picture on her abdomen on the healing table and will become your proxy during the session. It is the exact same process as described as above in the in person session, only you will be receiving the healing in your own quiet space. The entire session is audio taped and an MP3 of the session will be email you at the end of your session will be emailed to you.

Distant Group Healing Session:

Through prayer we have been guided to add group sessions that will allow us to reach more people at one time. You can be located anywhere around the world to be part of a group healing session. You will be receiving the healing from wherever you are located at the same exact time the healing session is taking place in Arizona. This healing energy carries a frequency and vibration that travels instantly. All we need is your picture to be emailed to us prior to your session. We will place all of pictures of everyone in the group on the healing table at once. Your job is to relax in your own sacred space and receive the healing energy and love from God through Debra and Sheri. When One is healed, we are all healed. We will do the same process as in a private session, but we will be doing a group all at the same time. Debra will still voice the entire session and explain what is taking place. Sheri will be sending the healing energy through her hands at the same time as Debra is voicing the words from God. The entire group will receive healing energy simultaneously. Not one healing group session will be the same and everyone will receive a powerful group message from God. These words are transformational and heal on all levels. The session will be audio taped and everyone in the group will receive an MP3 file from the healing session. If you want an individualized healing we would recommend that you book a private healing session, either in person or distant. A private healing will be more detailed and will go to a much  deeper level, discovering the root (cause) of your unbalance in your body. It is now up to you to choose the healing that right for you. The cost of a group healing session is $99.00.

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